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Three new kids showed up at the Chandler Home site today. They live in the neighborhood and it just so happens the site leader has been praying for them for a long period of time. They saw VBS kids playing out front on Monday and Tuesday and asked their mom if they could join the action this morning.

For the first few days, one of the boys at the TeWinkle Park site had difficulty paying attention. During the storytelling and small group discussions, he would try to run off to the park or remove himself from the discussion. When it came to the David and Goliath story this morning, he was mesmerized. He asked several questions about how this could happen and was locked in and paying attention the entire time. The leaders recently learned that both his parents are atheists and were thrilled when the boy asked to take home the action image of David and Goliath.

“If I were a king for a day, I’d buy a bunch of land and build shelters for the homeless,” said one of the boys at the Del Mesa site.

Kids are opening up to their leaders all over the city. One kid specifically talked about how his dad recently moved away from their house.

At Harper Park, the question was posed, “How has God fought for you?” One kid replied that a couple years ago his dad died and God has been with his family and fighting for them ever since.

A mom who has been in and out of RH said how amazing it’s been to have some time by herself with God because of the preschool site.

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