VBS 2016: Day Five

Today was the final day of VBS 2016. We’ve witnessed God do some incredible things this week! At least 23 kids made the decision to follow Jesus for the first time, along with 4 moms! Here are some highlights from our last day:

A child at the Del Mesa Park site was brought to VBS by his dad, who’s not a believer. However, dad stuck around to participate in VBS, and got to witness as his child made the decision to follow Jesus!

Another child at Del Mesa Park is so excited about following Jesus, that she asked if she could “pray the prayer again.” She was sad to see VBS come to an end, but was very excited about the Bible we gave her to take home.

A volunteer at the Chandler home had decided to volunteer in hopes of reaching two families in her neighborhood. She had been praying for them leading up to VBS, and on the first day, both families showed up! One girl walked down the street holding her signed slip and just joined all by herself!

The Irvine PD showed up at the Chandler Home site to interact with and encourage the leaders. The kids loved it!

A Life Group decided to volunteer at the Magnolia Tree Park site, and enjoyed it so much that they’re already planning for next year.

A volunteer at the Del Mesa Park site shared this adorable moment:

During theĀ game, “Web of Friends”:

Kid 1: “My favorite food is In-N-Out.”
Kid 2: “My favorite food is In-N-Out.”
Kid 3: “My favorite food is In-N-Out.”
Kid 4: “My favorite food is trout.”
All the kids: “Trout???”

Got any VBS stories to share? Send them over to stories@rockharbor.org so we can celebrate with the entire RHCM family!