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Jayne first heard about Lori’s situation through her daughter, Sara. Sara had told her mom that her friend Lori had fallen on particularly hard times. After losing her husband to cancer, Lori was left with what seemed to be an ever-growing pile of bills that she could not afford to pay. With $60 left to her name, Lori was facing homelessness.

Jayne was saddened by Lori’s story but was also struggling with some hardships of her own. Jayne had just spent a week in the hospital battling an illness and was now at home focusing on her recovery. However, as she began to take into account the many ways she had seen God provide for her, she grew increasingly heartbroken for Lori. After all, Jayne had a loving husband, a comfortable home, and stable resources. She began to pray that God would provide for Lori and tried to think of how she might be able to help.

Initially, Jayne felt helpless. She wrote a small check and prayed for Lori, but still felt like she needed to do more. That’s when she turned to her Life Group. She sent out a quick email sharing Lori’s story and less than hour later she received a message back from a person in her Life Group who wanted to donate $300. “That text was a sign to me that God was going to do something big,” Jayne said, “Within a few days of sending the email, members of my Life Group along with many others who wanted to help, had committed enough funds to cover two months of Lori’s rent and all her bills.”

During those two months, relieved from the pressure of finding somewhere new to live, Lori was able to find a new job. Being mindful of the future, she put her most valuable possessions in storage, moved out of her apartment, and started looking for more cost-effective housing. She also began attending church with Sara, where she took a discipleship course and experienced a profound renewal of faith.

“Today, Lori is celebrating just how much her life has changed in the past year,” Jayne says, “She is thriving in her employment situation. She rents a room in a lovely home in Rancho Cucamonga. She goes to bed feeling safe at night, not worrying about how she is going to pay her bills or put food on the table.”

Jayne is astonished at how God orchestrated all the pieces of this story in order to provide for Lori. “Truly, God gets the glory,” Jayne says, “for all that took place in order for me to meet Lori in her time of need and to help her move forward.”

“As I reflect on this,” Jayne says, “I can’t help but be thankful to my Life Group for the way they love and share with anyone who asks.”

“And Lori, who is very grateful for this new season, and for all the help and prayers that got her there, is most thankful for the hope she has found in Jesus.”